The Exam

Can I take both exams?

Yes. In any order you want. Many people will elect to use the online exam as a warm up for the full certification exam.

What do I get once I pass the exam?

Upon passing the exam, you can download your personalized certificate you can use to help get your first job. If you are a Pro or Platinum Plan member, you also have access to a personalized letter of recommendation, business plan generator, career counselors, and our private job board.

What are the differences between the two exams?

The online certificate exam offers a convenient way to earn a certificate in personal training.

The certification exam which is part of the NCCA Accredited ACTION-CPT enables you to use the title of "Certified Personal Trainer (CPT)".

  Online Certificate Exam NCCA Accredited Certification Exam
Results in: Certificate in Personal Training Certified Personal Trainer (CPT)
Taken: Online at thousands of PROMETRIC testing centers in more than 160 countries
Cost: Free $75 test center fee
Retest Fee: $35 $75 test center fee


Visit the ACTION-CPT Governing Board web site at for more details about the NCCA accredited certification program.

Can I pass the exam if I only register for the Basic plan?

Definitely. If you have prior experience in the fitness industry or have a background in exercise science, you can pass the exam. Also, if you are a good book learner, you can pass the exam. But if neither of those things apply to you, then we recommend taking advantage of all the instructions and educational extras that are available through the Pro plan.