About us

ACTION Personal Trainer Certification (formerly ACT Certification) was launched by a group of like-minded personal trainers who want to change the way the certification industry operates. Our mission is quite simple.

  • Put the emphasis on education and learning rather than memorization and test taking
  • Consistently develop and certify personal trainers that can add value to their clients
  • Become the dominant force in educating new personal trainers

We believe the ultimate success of a personal trainer is determined by their knowledge, not their certifications or accreditation. A knowledgeable personal trainer will be able to make a dramatic impact on their client and favorably impact the industry as a whole.

We have spent countless hours developing the curriculum, writing the textbook, and preparing the toolkit for the next generation of personal trainers. We hope you like it. But we also hope that you embrace our mission and help us improve our program. If you are interested in contributing to our shared mission, check out the discussion forums to see how you can help.

Meet the ACTION Personal Trainer Certification Instructors

ACT Instructor OzzieOzzie Jacobs MS, MBA, CPT

Ozzie Jacobs is a Certified Personal Trainer, Performance Enhancement Specialist and a 500 HR Registered Yoga Instructor. Ozzie also holds an MBA, a Master's Degree in Exercise Science and a Post Master's Certificate in Sports Psychology. Ozzie Jacobs believes that exercise is a healing tool that can enhance the physical and emotional well being of the obese, overweight, depressed and highly stressed individual. Ozzie's website is

ACT InstructorKarla Gravitt MS

Karla has her MS degree in Exercise and Sports Science with a concentration in Exercise Physiology from UNC Chapel Hill. She is a certified personal trainer and founder of Stay Moving, an independent personal training and wellness service provider. When she isn't teaching bootcamps, working with clients, or giving seminars, she is having fun with her 1.5 year old triplets.

ACT teacherKendrick Ribeiro BS,CSCS,CPT

As a certified sports conditioning coach, sports nutritionist, personal trainer and published fitness author Kendrick brings knowledge, experience, and most importantly passion in his teachings. Along with his certifications and degrees, Kendrick continuously seeks further education within the fitness field in order to bring his clients the most efficient, up to date, and safest methods to train the human body. "Fitness is about adding healthy habits in your life so you can live out a more invigorating lifestyle". Kendrick's website is






ACT boardProfessor, Dr.Marc Eisman, B.Sci, D.C., Dip of Fitness, CPT

Dr. Marc Eisman graduated Cornell University with a B.S. in Life Sciences on the Dean's list. He later obtained a Doctorate in Chiropractic graduating Magna Cum Laude from Cleveland Chiropractic College in Los Angeles, California. Dr. Eisman attained an Associate Professorship at Southern California College of Chiropractic and taught Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy for eight years whilst maintaining three very successful practices in Beverly Hills, California. Marc migrated to Australia opening several Gyms and Fitness centres based on Chiropractic principles. He has published many articles pertaining to Health and Fitness while serving on the Board of Fitness New South Wales, Australia as well as the State Advisory Board of Community and Special Populations Community. He served on several Gold's Gym Advisory Boards. Marc lived and practiced chiropractic abroad in Australia, India, Indonesia, Sweden and Egypt.

In 2009 Marc was named President of Gold's Gym Academy where he relocated to Jakarta, Indonesia. His duties and accomplishments included the complete set up of the largest Fitness Institute serving South East Asia. Responsibilities included setting up Wellness Centre's, curriculum development, staff and management training and obtaining accreditation. The Academy is the only recognized and accredited ACSM official facility in South East Asia. In 2010 Marc returned to the USA and settled down in Palm Springs where he practices his true passion Health and Fitness training and lecturing. Marc specializes on members of the older community whilst practicing chiropractic his approach is stressing health and longevity.