ACTION Recertification Overview

Recertification is a mandatory process designed to ensure that ACTION Personal Trainers continually enhance their competency level. For this purpose, ACTION recertification guidelines require applicants to obtain continuing education throughout the year. This consistent focus on continuing education will allow Personal Trainers to stay abreast of the latest scientific research, professional standards, and personal training strategies.

ACTION Certification Trainers need to renew their certification every two years. This time interval was chosen by the ACTION Governing board due to the rapid change in scientific knowledge and evolving practices of personal trainers.

Recertification by Exam

It is against NCCA guidelines to allow recertification by taking the same exam twice. This means once you are certified you must recertify by earning Continuing Education Credits (CECs).

Continuing Education Credit


ACTION Certification requires Personal Trainers to obtain 2.0 CECs. Throughout the year ACTION Certification provides an array of CEC contact hours via self-study programs and online classes. ACTION Personal Trainers should take advantage of at least one of these programs every two to three months to enhance their training skills and exceed the minimum CEC requirements. All CECs obtained within the two-year time frame will be applied to the current recertification application.

Please visit our Recertification Portal for a list of over 75 available CEC classes offered by ACTION Certification and its partners.

For more information on the Recertification process, please download our Recertification Guide.


Group Exercise Certification

ACTION Certification is excited to announce our new Group Exercise Certification.

The certification course is on sale for $99.95 for a limited time.

The ACTION Group Fitness Certification will prepare instructors to lead safe and effective group fitness classes. We will discuss strategies to help make your fitness classes special and how to motivate and inspire in a group setting.

Topics include:
-Employment options
-How to put together different class formats and class combinations
-The essentials to teaching and cueing
-Music choice and tempo
-Safety and legal issues
-Special Populations
-Group fitness instructor considerations and expectations
-How to make your class shine

Upon passing the exam you will earn the Group Exercise Certification and 0.6 CEUs toward your ACTION CPT recertification.

This course is provided by ACTION Certification. Course credits apply to category A recertification requirements. See the Recertification guide for details.

Regular price: $149.95

Sale price: $99.95


Platinum Monthly

Payment Options

  • Platinum
  • $249


  • 28 Online Classes
  • 21 Real World Simulations
  • 400+ Practice Exam Questions

Single Payment

Platinum Lifetime membership. One-time payment. $249

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Monthly Payments

The Platinum Plan monthly payments is a convenient way to pay for your ACTION Platinum plan over time. You get full Platinum benefits right away. Your initial payment is $44.95 followed by monthly payments of $19.95. Your monthly payment will continue as long as your plan is active.

Total payments must be at least $249 before cancelling the monthly payments. Early cancellation will require an early termination fee to bring your total charge to $249.

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Advanced Nutrition Certification

The ACTION Advanced Nutrition Certification will give personal trainers a more thorough understanding of nutrition and allow them to apply key concepts to sports and exercise. Recommendations for both weight loss clients and athletes will be addressed.

Topics include:

  • Recommendations for the amount of protein, carbohydrate and fat in a person's diet and how this breakdown changes depending on a client's goals.
  • How pre-competition, competition and recovery nutritional choices and timing effect a client's performance.
  • What supplements are safe and effective based on research and what are the concerns and side effects
  • The key nutritional changes weight loss clients should make.
  • How nutritional concepts can lead to better stress management, immunity and sleep.
  • The nutritional needs of athletes participating in specific sports.

Course format is video lecture, downloadable study guide and a course exam.

Upon passing the exam you will earn the Advanced Nutrition Certification and 0.8 CEUs toward your ACTION CPT recertification.

This course is provided by ACTION Certification. Course credits apply to category A requirements. See the Recertification guide for details.

Regular price: $149.95
Sale Price: $99.95

Earn 0.8 CEUs. Note this course is included in the ACTION Platinum Plan. Platinum plan members should contact support for help in enrolling in this course.

This course uses Sports Nutrition: From Lab to Kitchen by Asker Jeukendrup as the textbook. The textbook is not included in your course. It is available at many public libraries.

You can also use the link above to purchase it on Amazon. The paperback is usally available for $14. The Kindle version is available for $11